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The team consists of experienced researchers with expertise in interdisciplinary areas namely mass and heat transfer, chemistry, process analytical technology, modelling and optimization, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and simulation. 

António Ferreira
Research fellow

António Ferreira is graduated in Industrial Chemistry by the University of Beira Interior in 2001 and completed a PhD degree in Chemical and Biological engineering by the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto (FEUP) in 2008.  At the end of 2008 A. Ferreira started his Post Doc (2008-2014) in bioreactors optimisation at University of Minho and FEUP. Since 2015 Ferreira is Research fellow (FCT investigator) and lecturer of chemistry at FEUP, being responsible for several projects and protocols established with the industry and research groups in the areas of continuous crystallization and multiphase reactors. 

Filipa Castro
Post Doc researcher

Application of micro- and meso reactors for protein crystallisation for both three dimensional structure determination and technical-scale protein purification

F. Rocha (Supervisor)

A. Ferreira (Co-supervisor)

Filipe Almeida
PhD student

Bioprocess intensification - Effect of solids on hydrodynamic and gas-liquid mass transfer an oscillatory flow reactor (OFR)

A. Ferreira (Supervisor)

F. Rocha (Co-supervisor)​

Fernando Rocha

PhD in Chemical Engineering (FEUP), Assistant Professor of Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto. He has been working in the area of separation processes, namely mass and heat transfer processes, as crystallization, microencapsulation by spray-drying and multiphase reactors. As scientific adviser he has supervised several PhD theses and Posdoc researchers. Actually he supervises 4 PhD theses and 2 Posdoc researchers. He has participated in several financed R&D projects, having coordinated 6 of them. He was for 12 years a consultant of CUF Químicos Industriais. 



Patrícia Cruz
PhD student

Control of the continuous crystallization of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in an oscillatory flow crystallizer                               

A. Ferreira (Supervisor)

F. Rocha (Co-supervisor)

Carolina Silva

Continuous crystallization of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), Fellowship of FCT project (PTDC/QEQ-PRS/3787/2014)

A. Ferreira (Supervisor)

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